Competitions Reminder

All competitions in 2022 will be played in fourballs, due to the maximum number of tee
times available to GCdT. Maximum number of entrants will be 60 players.


Competitions & Handicaps 2022

Please note GCdT competition handicap limits are 28 (men) and 36 (women) this does not exclude higher handicap golfers taking part in club competitions, but the handicaps will be reduced to the competition limit.


Local Rules

Official Rules of Golf, R &A, USGA, as adopted by Portuguese Golf Federation Apply (Available free on iPhone, iPad and Android) except as modified by local rules, below,

Out of bounds – A “ball is out of bounds” when it is beyond any white fence marked OB, wall or boundary stake defining the boundary of the specific hole being played or the course. (E.G. on the 10th the area to the left and also the right are both out of bounds). See Rule 18.

Penalty areas are defined as either red or yellow.

The player may either:


Abnormal Course Conditions – An animal hole, ground under repair, an immovable obstruction, or temporary water. – Rule 16 free relief is allowed except in a penalty area in accordance with Rule 16.1.b and Rule 14


White Boundary Stakes are not immoveable obstructions, (see Rule 8.1.a).


Removal of Loose Impediment:- without penalty anywhere  you may use your hand or foot or a club or equipment. If in moving a loose impediment your ball moves, it must be replaced on its original or estimated spot and you get one penalty stroke  except on the putting green or in the teeing area. Sand & loose soil is not “loose impediments” except on the putting green,


Ground under repair, as identified by Blue Stakes, is always a no play zone.  The un-grassed, reservoir area around any newly planted olive trees is GUR, until the tree and grasses are visibly established.


Distance markers, in metres, are measured to the centre of the green