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Golfe Clube de Tavira

May Newsletter


For the last 8 weeks we have been in a ‘State of Emergency’ decreed by the Portuguese government and we have all been in lockdown. The 4th May 2020 the Portuguese government downgraded this to a ‘State of Calamity’ but we all still have a duty to observe the stringent rules presented by the Portuguese government and particularly the FGP (Portuguese Golf Federation) in relation to the activities at Benamor Golf.This has enabled us to return to golf albeit with restrictions.

All members of GCdT are reminded these instructions are provided for your own safety and that of others and thus help reduce possible infection.

Please observe ‘ALL’ the notices around the Clubhouse and the golf course, failure to do so may result in Benamor Golf applying additional restrictions.

The 2020 Anniversary shirts purchased for members are now available. A general email will be circulated giving a day(s) and timeslot(s) when your shirt can be collected.

At the end of February GCdT (members) sponsored Ginásio Club de Tavira football kit for there junior players. This kit was formally show cased by Ginásio Club de Tavira at the Expo Centre in Tavira were all the various age groups modelled the team kits, training kits and leisure wear, ruck sacks and bags that will be used when representing Ginásio Club de Tavira. GCdT was presented with a framed shirt of Ginásio Club de Tavira in appreciation of our support. A suitable position is being sort to display this to members.

GCdT is currently discussing providing a Defibrillator and Emergency Oxygen unit together with a suitable storage cabinet for the equipment within Benamor Golf. The equipment would be for use on the course.

Thank you to those who have responded to the two surveys sent out to all members regarding the AGM. The result of the surveys is as follows -

Overall, a very, positive reaction from our members. The response rate has now reduced to a trickle, which is what one would expect after 72 hours.

Fair to say we have got a far higher voting response than we get at a formal AGM .

We can formally declare the appointments and accounts approved.

There were three questions posed :

1. Do you approve the Tavira Golf Accounts for 2019

  1. Yes : 82 votes
  2. No : 2 votes

2. Do you agree with the Appointees to the New Committee for 2020- 2021

  1. Yes : 82 votes
  2. No : 1 vote

3. Do you approve of the Appointments to the Audit Committee

  1. Yes : 81 votes
  2. No : 2 votes

Some fourteen comments were received, and these are shown under Survey Responses in this Newsletter.

Therefore, the Board of Directors and Committees for 2020/21 are shown below

Board of Director

President – June Scott

Vice-president – Peter Ibbs

Financial Director – Nick Everott

Technical Director – Paul Ballard

General Secretary – Linda Campbell

Vocal – Alex Figuereido

Vocal – Pauline Marsden


General Assembly

President – Gonçalo Martins Dias

Secretary – Pedro Calvinho

Vocal – Doreen Powell


Audit Committee

President – Keith Baker

Vice-President – Valerie Lampard

Vocal – Teresa Baker



Paul Ballard

Teresa Baker

David McBride

Linda Campbell

Rhod MacLagan (part time)

Steve George


Rules and Course

Peter Ibbs

Tony Hylton

John Scott

The new committee is scheduled to hold its first meeting on the 30th June 2020.

A final apology for doing everything in English but I hope our members from other nationalities will excuse this method of communication.

Mr Captain 2019/20 would sincerely like to thank all the members of his committee for there hard work and support throughout his year in office.

Survey Responses – 2019 Accounts and New Committee and Audit Committee.

Comments submitted by Members

All comments submitted are anonymous as the survey was conducted via web link not email.

Comments are presented as submitted.

1. The administration fees are up 50%. This should be explained. Trophies/prizes/inscription costs are up 25%. This should be explained. Lunches/subsidies are up almost 100%. This should be explained. Committee expenses are up 10%. This should be explained

Reply :

As a result of a question raised at the 2019 AGM the AGM 2020 was provided with a summary Financial Statement for 2019 as the full balance sheet was deemed to contain unnecessary detail and considered to be unnecessarily confusing. Obviously, the details are available to any member who may wish to study them.

The administration fees are what we pay to Benamor for Office rental and Support from Pedro – who took over from Helena. We pay for his time.

Trophies increased due to an increase in purchase to cover those not presented in 17/18. Additional trophies also mean’s additional engraving expenses.

Lunch/ Subsidies the increase was due to Captains day 90 meals being provided free and with additional subsidies for Captains drive in, Presidents day, Xmas comp and a contribution to travelling expenses for the Inter-League team.

Committee expenses included a new printer, upgrade to the WiFi system and installation costs, computer software upgrade and some general supplies.

Please do remember that there are various specific actions in place to reduce our bank balance and over the coming years members should expect to see our expenses exceeding our income.


2. I am somewhat disappointed that we sat in the AGM last year and discussed the amount of money sat in the account. It was agreed that there would be a sub committee set up with ideas of how to spend the money as tavira Golfe are meant to be a non profit making club. This plan was then meant to be brought to the members for discussion which had never happened. It is very disappointing that the only 2 initiatives raised by the committee( but never brought to the members) a free meal at captains day and a reduction of 25€ in my fees which is hardly inspiring and has made a difference to nobody. I would like this issue addressed with urgency as it is unacceptable that we sit with 57,000€ in the bank and no plan approved by the members on how to spend it. Please let me know when all interested parties can sit down to discuss this.

Reply :

A Sub-Committee was set – up under the management of June Scott. It made several recommendations to the Committee in May 2019 :

In summary the following six recommendations were approved and have ben implemented.

  1. Reduction in the GCdT annual renewal fees from 100€ to 75€ for existing members. This will be reviewed on an annual basis. New members in their first year will pay 25€ admin fee on top of the 75€ fee. This would reduce annual income by 4425€ based on current 177 members.
  2. Purchase of club shirts for the 20th year anniversary (Dec 2020) based on 177 members will cost approximately 5300€
  3. Subsidise all lunches following shotgun events for members partners/spouses.
  4. Captain’s Day to be free of charge this year and next year for the 20th Anniversary
  5. All team shirts to be fully subsidised by GCdT
  6. Contribute to co-ordinated transportation costs.

The difficulty is to find non-recurring expenses which can be of benefit to the Club without generating a significant outflow of funds that may prejudice the situation of the Club in the future.

We are fortunate as a Club that we have seen an increase in membership during the last two years which has helped generate extra funds.


3. Yes but you are a non profit organisation. What are you planning to do with 57,000

Reply :

Detailed comment has been made as to the Club’s plans to reduce our bank balance while at the same time not being extravagant with our funds. The fact that there was no physical AGM this year has made it difficult to communicate what has been happening.

Initiatives taken will reduce our balance and, as recommended in another comment we shall taken action to subsidise our Charity contribution as the Corvid-19 situation means we shall have to cancel our traditional Charity Day and similar social events where we raise funds for charities.


4. Disappointing to note a significant increase in expenditure.

Reply :

Please see above comments. Several members appear to disagree with this comment.


5. Still think the balance is ridiculously large. Having spoken to some committee members of other clubs they average around 3-5 k not 60!

Reply :

Please see above comments but also bear in mind we need to carry a cash reserve higher than 3-5k in order to meet our commitments to the Federation and monthly expenses. The Committee has always adopted the prudent attitude of maintaining as a cash reserve a forward expense forecast of at least 18 months. Our overall cash balance will progressively reduce in a planned way.


6. Why do we need to sit on €57000 I think we should help the local community in these very difficult times??? I believe you were asked this question last year and nothing was done , can we have some answers ,quick!!!

Reply :

Please see above comments. Yes, the Committee agrees more still needs to be done and steps have been taken to address this situation.


7. Are we able to ask questions about the accounts ?

Reply :

Of course, normally there would such an opportunity at the AGM but in the current situation an email to the Committee via will produce a response to any specific enquiry.


On Appointments

1. Please see my previous comments - it is difficult to agree with the appointees due to the lack action regarding this crucial point in Clube de Tavira’s accounts

Reply :

There has been a 99% acceptance of the new Committee. They are fully aware of the issue, it was addressed in 2019 and the new Committee will continue to work on this subject which is of concern to several members.

2. Why are the official titles of the office bearers not used? We are not a UK golf club. We are subject to Portuguese law and by ignoring this very important matter GCT could leave itself open to criticism from FGP.

Reply :

This was a genuine mistake by the survey creator, obviously in normal circumstances at a formal meeting this error would not have occurred. The Minutes will reflect the correct titles.

3. A strong team to take the club thro these uncertain times


Thank you

4. all the best for the new year


Thank you

5. But there should be nominations

Reply :

The list of nominated candidates was distributed/posted on the Notice Board with the original Notice of AGM. This was done in early March . There was no alternative list of Members, nor were any alternative candidates put forward for election so we have to assume that there were no other candidates available.

6. Please advise sub committees and who is responsible for course matters.

Reply :

Sub-Committee Members

Handicaps :

Paul Ballard (Technical Director)

Teresa Baker

David McBride

Linda Campbell

Steve George

Rhod MacLagan (part time)

Rules and Course

Peter Ibbs (Vice President)

Tony Hylton

John Scott

7. Please advise the current situation regarding development of building on the golf course and the proposed timetable.

Reply :

This is a matter of concern to all members and Benamor has not given any update. June Scott did speak to JP recently and was informed nothing is likely to happen for at least eighteen months to two years. We would assume that the current situation may have a further impact on future plans but this is only speculation until clarification is received from Benamor.

Audit Committee

1. Man and wife should not be allowed

Reply :

Article 12 of the constitution does not specifically exclude Husband, wife or partner for the Audit committee.


1. Buggy users please observe the rules when using a buggy

General Reminder to all GCdT Buggy users "The course is in excellent condition and some damage that had been caused by buggies has now recovered. Please refrain from taking and parking buggies onto the teeing ground and ensure that all buggies are parked on the paths around the tees and the greens Thank you.

2. Course condition

The course has recovered well over the lockdown period to help keep it in good condition it will be appreciated if pitch marks can be repaired and divots replaced. Thank you

3. World Handicap System

2020 will see the introduction of the World Handicap System (WHS), please see the noticeboard for further updates.

4. A reminder to ALL members regarding competition NO Shows.

After a competition draw has been published and you find you are unable to play there is a dedicated mobile number for players to TEXT/SMS and withdraw from the competition (+351) 920 218 231.

The committee requests that players who cannot play send a standard text message/SMS with the following information:“Your Name, Tee Time and Withdrawn”.

A “No Show” leads to an automatic disqualification from the next two individual competitions.

5. Grupo Portinsurance company who sponsored some prizes last year look forward to continuing this arrangement in 2020. All they ask is that GCdT members who require any form of insurance please give them the opportunity to quote and they will offer discounts to members. Further details will be put on the noticeboard and webpage etc.

Civil Liability Insurance

Golfe Clube de Tavira members who are federated membersare now covered through a FidelidadePolicy. See noticeboard for policy details.


Golfe Clube de Tavira (GCT) members and PT Golf 3 months/1 year members – Up to 1 month in advance

Tour Operators – Up to 1 year in advance

PT Golf temporary visitors – 5 days in advance

PT Golf Competitions – 2/3 months in advance

Golfe Clube de Tavira (GCT) competitions – In June/July for the next year (N.B. Subject to change when Benamor Classic Dates are tbc)

High Season is February/March and again in October/November, so tee times are taken up quickly.

Please report to Reception and confirm your tee times prior to commencing your game. Any cancellations should also be given as much notice as possible.

Members should also be aware that “Pay and Play” visitors can book any unallocated tee times online. So, book early to avoid disappointment.

There have been some changes to the EGA handicap system, the major points are:

i) Extra Day Scores - 4 scores per month are permitted for handicap categories 2 to 5, regarding EDS rounds played outside the scope of competitions, under handicap conditions and complying with the specified requirements (preregistration). Handicap category 6 has no limit of EDS.

ii) Handicap Calculations - For simplification and standardisation purposes, the same adjustment (0.1) applies to handicap categories 1 to 5, regarding Stableford scores below buffer zone. (Clause 3.12.6)


Procedure for New Handicaps - Summary

  1. The player must be a registered member of Tavira Golf
  2. Tavira Golf and Federation membership fees paid and up to date
  3. A minimum of four qualifying cards must be submitted from rounds played on Federation registered courses
  4. The rounds played must be advised in advance (registered at the course as an Extra Day Score – EDS ) either through Reception at Benamor or via the Reception of the course to be played.
  5. The tees played must be included as should the slope rating of the course for EDS cards.
  6. The score should be recorded as gross strokes. It will be re-calculated as Stableford points when submitted to the Federation by Tavira Golf.
  7. The card must be signed and dated by both the player and the marker who must be a registered member of the Portuguese Federation
  8. The card should be submitted to Tavira Golf as soon as conveniently possible.


Dates for the 2020 Diary

With good fortune competitions may resume in July and a revised calendar has been prepared for approval by Benamor.

Provisionally the first competition is a stableford scheduled for the 4th July.

Please see the noticeboard for further information.


Club Matches

Ladies Matches 2020

Nothing to report.


This year the Interleague has been cancelled due to the pandemic.

Winter league 2019/20

Nothing to report.


Enjoy the Golf and Keep Safe,

Alexandre Figueiredo