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Golfe Clube de Tavira

June Newsletter


All members of GOLFE CLUBE DE TAVIRA please note the modifications below to our competition entry and participation.

There are no significant changes but simple adaptations designed to improve speed of play amongst other issues.


  • Medal Competitions
    • Players may opt to pick-up after a score of 9 on any hole.
    • If a player decides to pick-up they cannot win any prize except for the separate “2 on Par 3s”
    • The Draw categories, Early, Mid and Late, will all be drawn low handicap to high handicap.
    • The above changes will be implemented on Saturday 8th June for the June Medal competition


  • Stableford Competitons
    • Players will no longer be grouped on a random basis but, as closely as possible, by adjacent category, e.g. A category 3 player may play with a category 2 or category 4 player. A category 4 player may play with a category 3 or category 5 player.

The above change take effect from Saturday 11th May.

“EDS Cards should be submitted (left in the score card box in Reception) as soon as possible after a game. Scores which are a week old or more are automatically rejected by the Federation Datagolf system.

Before submitting the card please make sure it is correctly completed – course, time, date, legible score, player (federation number, if applicable) and markers name and signatures”

Basically, the number of EDS cards that are incomplete or late when entered onto the system the server rejects them. It is in the players interest to be punctual with the scorecards or it will all be a wasted effort.

General GCdT Business
Mr Captain, Madam Vice Captain and Immediate Past Captain have had a meeting (16th May) with JP regarding certain proposals Benamor Golf would like to introduce affecting GCdT/SPtGolf and Sao Bras Golf Society, details will follow later in the year.

Mr Captain has spoken with JP regarding vouchers presented to winners of GCdTcompetitions are currently being discussed (i.e. for use of the prize vouchers in the shop, Bar and towards green fees). This matter is still under discussion. Information will be posted on the noticeboard when available.

Golf Buggies

All members of GOLFE CLUBE DE TAVIRA if you have an arrangement for use of golf buggies, please can you advise reception in advance for the day you require to use it. This will help reception manage the buggies availability with the pay and play clients who want to book buggies.

Mr Captain has spoken with JP regarding the use of GCdT prize vouchers in the shop, Bar and green fees. This matter is still under discussion.

Charity Bunker

Mr Captain has nominated the Bunker on Right hand side of Hole 9 as his charity bunker, if you visit this bunker then deposit 50c in the charity tin in the bar.

Ladies and Gents Club Championship weekend winners

Congratulations to all those Ladies and Gents who took part in the Club Championship weekends and especially to the winners.

The Ladies Club Champion for 2019 was Carolyn Wright with Mr Captain presenting the trophy

The Ladies Club Nett Champion for 2019 was Linda Campbell with Mr Captain presenting the trophy

The Ladies Club Champion runner up was Frederique Westera and the Ladies Club Nett runner up was Lynn Everott.

The Mens Club Champion for 2019 was Richard Woolard (on the right) with Mr Captain (centre) Mens Club Nett Champion for 2019 was Heath Else (left) with Mr Captain presenting the trophies.

The Mens Club Champion runner up was Ian O’Connell and the Mens Club Nett runner up was John Nye.

Grupo PortInsurance - are happy to work with Golfe Clube de Tavira this year and want to promote their insurance company through the membership. A discount scheme is available for Golfe Clube de Tavira members and they would like members to request quotations through them for the various insurance options available, (Golf, Car, Health, House, Holiday etc) and they propose that a percentage of their commission received will be given to the club to be used towards the charity donations.

Should you require any type of insurance please contact Vicente Domingos and reference Golfe Clube de Tavira membership number.

Typical annual fees for Golf insurance are provided below and currently we have some proposal forms in the club folder in the GCdt locker or Mr Captain has the required forms electronically should they need to be emailed.

  • Membership and Golfe Clube de Tavira fees 2019

Any member, who has not yet renewed their annual Golfe Clube de Tavira membership by 31st January 2019, will not be eligible for entry into club competitions, until payment has been received.

If payment has not been received by 25th March then the players Federation status will be changed to inactive on the 1st April. Meaning that, the player will then be ineligible for any Federation competition. There is also a 10% late payment fee incurred on the Federation payment for any payments after the 1st March.

  • A reminder to ALL members and NEW members.

After a competition draw has been published and you find you are unable to play there is a dedicated mobile number for players to TEXT/SMS and withdraw from the competition (+351) 920 218 231.

The committee requests that players who cannot play send a standard text message/SMS with the following information:“Your Name, Tee Time and Withdrawn”.

A “No Show” leads to an automatic disqualification from the next two individual competitions.

  • The committee informs members who currently DO NOT have an active handicap status highlighted in italics on the draw sheet. This means you do not have the required qualifying rounds (4 per year) or proof of playing record and as such cannot win a competition until the situation is addressed. However, your competition score card can be used towards your qualifying requirements.
  • Handicaps and Competitions direct your attention to a short You tube video which gives a good summary of the new rules from January 2019 . Just click on the link:
  • Pairs and Singles Competition entry requirements – All members please note that the competition entry sheet stipulates that any entrant has to be available from the commencement of the competition to the completion of the competition. i.e. if they cannot comply with the entry condition they cannot enter the competition.
  • Porta Amiga charity box – it has been reported that items that have been donated to the charity have been removed from the charity box by people using the golf club for personal use. This is unacceptable and it has been suggested to Benamor that box is moved to a more visible position and or fitted with a lockable lid.
  • SPT golf club and GCdT are arranging a friendly match on 16th October 2019. The format is still to be defined. Possibly 7 pairings from each club required. Please see the noticeboard for updates and entry requirements.


Civil Liability Insurance

The FGP has now (24th May 2019) reintroduced civil liability cover for those Golfe Clube de Tavira members who are federated members. This insurance agreement is with Fidelidade insurance. See noticeboard for policy details.


Golfe Clube de Tavira (GCT) members and PT Golf 3 months/1 year members – Up to 1 month in advance

Tour Operators – Up to 1 year in advance

PT Golf temporary visitors – 5 days in advance

PT Golf Competitions – 2/3 months in advance

Golfe Clube de Tavira (GCT) competitions – In June/July for the next year (N.B. Subject to change when Benamor Classic Dates are tbc)

High Season is February/March and again in October/November, so tee times are taken up quickly.

Please report to Reception and confirm your tee times prior to commencing your game. Any cancellations should also be given as much notice as possible.

Members should also be aware that “Pay and Play” visitors can book any unallocated tee times online. So book early to avoid disappointment.

There have been some changes to the EGA handicap system, the major points are:

I) Extra Day Scores - 4 scores per month are permitted for handicap categories 2 to 5, regarding EDS rounds played outside the scope of competitions, under handicap conditions and complying with the specified requirements (preregistration). Handicap category 6 has no limit of EDS.

II) Handicap Calculations - For simplification and standardization purposes, the same adjustment (0.1) applies to handicap categories 1 to 5, regarding Stableford scores below buffer zone. (Clause 3.12.6)

The committee has arranged civil responsibility insurance for the GCT members. The Civil Liability insurance has been arranged through Liberty Seguros to cover all members (at the time) until the end of 2018.

Procedure for New Handicaps - Summary

  1. The player must be a registered member of Tavira Golf
  2. Tavira Golf and Federation membership fees paid and up to date
  3. A minimum of four qualifying cards must be submitted from rounds played on Federation registered courses
  4. The rounds played must be advised in advance ( registered at the course as an Extra Day Score – EDS ) either through Reception at Benamor or via the Reception of the course to be played.
  5. The tees played must be included as should the slope rating of the course for EDS cards.
  6. The score should be recorded as gross strokes. It will be re-calculated as Stableford points when submitted to the Federation by Tavira Golf.
  7. The card must be signed and dated by both the player and the marker who must be a registered member of the Portuguese Federation
  8. The card should be submitted to Tavira Golf as soon as conveniently possible.

Dates for the Diary

2019 Dates

22nd June 2019 – Dubai Cup

6th July 2019 – July stableford

20th July 2019 – Summer Cup


Course Report

Improvement work has been carried out on the bunker in front of the 13th Hole, your patience will be appreciated during the period of the work.

The course is due to undergo ‘hollow tining’ 8th and 9th June. Should this be carried out before the Medal a decision will be made on the day regarding the competition being a non-qualifier and will therefore be handicap reductions only.


Additional lifebelts have been provided around the ponds on the 10th and 17th holes. Still awaiting updated signage.

The GCdT committee room / Office is currently undergoing redecoration.


Club Matches

Ladies Matches and Interleague 2019 

Ladies match vs Levante at home on 3rd June result was 3½ to 1½ to Levante.

Ladies please see the notice board for updates


Algarve Interleague 2019

League match on 23rd May 19 v Palmares (away) resulted in a 3 -2 loss.

Knock Out Match v Pinheiros Altos away result was a 3 to 2 win for Palmares.

Next matches are on the 20th June v Vila Sol away and 26th June home to Pinheiros Altos.

TeamPlayedPlayed HomePointsPlayed AwayPonitsBonus PointsTotal Points
2Pinheiros Altos6321314136
3Serra de Monchique6422212135
4Parque da Floresta7425210035
7Vila Sol521138019


please see the notice board for further information



Alexandre Figueiredo (Captain 2019-2020)