News Updated 25.09.2020

Golfe Clube de Tavira

Septembr Newsletter




All members of GCdT are reminded to continue to observe the instructions in and around the clubhouse they are provided for your own safety and that of others and thus help reduce possible infection.

Failure to do so may result in Benamor Golf applying additional restrictions.



Congratulations to Joy Hanley and Brian Beckwith who won the pairs knock out final against June and John Scott.



In-line with current COVID19 guidelines and to reduce handling cash, the committee recommend that the competition entry fees are paid in advance by members directly into the GCdT bank account at the start of the 2021 year together with the GCdT renewal fees.

The membership renewal forms for 2021 will be sent out via email and/or made available on the GCdT website. The forms can be completed and returned via email to GCdT.

This will be the new system to reflect COVID 19 - cash on the day will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.


Conformément aux directives actuelles du COVID19 et pour réduire le traitement des espèces, le comité recommande que les frais d'inscription au concours soient payés à l'avance par les membres directement sur le compte bancaire du GCdT au début de l'année 2021 avec les frais de renouvellement du GCdT.

Les formulaires de renouvellement d'adhésion pour 2021 seront envoyés par courrier électronique et / ou mis à disposition sur le site Web de GCdT. Les formulaires peuvent être remplis et renvoyés par courrier électronique à GCdT.

Ce sera le nouveau système pour refléter COVID 19 - les espèces le jour ne seront acceptées que dans des circonstances exceptionnelles.


In linea con le attuali linee guida COVID19 e per ridurre la gestione del contante, il comitato raccomanda che le quote di iscrizione al concorso siano pagate in anticipo dai membri direttamente sul conto bancario GCdT all'inizio dell'anno 2021 insieme alle tasse di rinnovo GCdT.

I moduli di rinnovo dell'iscrizione per il 2021 verranno inviati via e-mail e / o resi disponibili sul sito web GCdT. I moduli possono essere completati e restituiti via e-mail a GCdT.

Questo sarà il nuovo sistema per riflettere il COVID 19: il pagamento in contanti sarà accettato solo in circostanze eccezionali.


There are (as a minimum) 28 competitions scheduled for 2021 season.

Our recommendation is that as a minimum, 50% of the competitions are paid in advance, half of the total 2021 competitions as a credit for your entries (depending on your membership level the following guide is recommended).


Full Annual member 14 Competitions in advance x 3€ = 42 €'s

6 month member 7 Competitions in advance x 3€ = 21 €'s

3 month member 4 Competitions in advance x 3€ = 12 €'s


Should a member decide they will only enter a certain number of competitions then they can pay in advance for them in the same manner.

e.g. 4 competitions x 3€ = 12€'s.

All members payments will be recorded and monitored against competition draw sheets.

Any under payments can be addressed by a further payment to the bank account and any over payments can be credited to the following year.

Not included are the following:

New Year’s Greensomes

Presentation Day

Rotary Charity (supported by GCdT)

Captains Drive In

Presidents Cup

Club Championship's

Captains Day

Charity Day

Ladies and Gents Xmas

Pairs and Singles KO's

Payment terms for these other competitions to be advised.

The 2's competition should you wish to enter will be 'optional' as in previous years and 2€’s paid into a ‘pot’ at the sign in desk.

This process is recommended to keep safe and mitigate any risks.

Currently there is no competition entry fee or sign in sheet and all prizes are funded from reserves.

The committee agreed that with effect from 4th July Competition, the prize vouchers (supermarket) would increase to 50,40,30 and 20 Euros.

GCdT is currently discussing providing a Defibrillator and Emergency Oxygen unit together with a suitable storage cabinet for the equipment within Benamor Golf. The equipment would be for use on the course.



A provisional estimate of your new WHS Handicap Index is now available for you at "My FPG" on the Portuguese Federation website. "My FPG

This provisional figure may change. Confirmed WHS handicap Index will only be available after 20th August.

After this date all players submitting EDS cards are required to do so through their individual "My FpG" so please ensure you are correctly registered on the Federation site.


L'index WHS Handicap est maintenant disponible pour vous à "Mon FPG" sur le site de la Fédération portugaise. "My FPG’’

Les cartes EDS sont nécessaires pour le faire via leur "Mon FpG" individuel. Veuillez donc vous assurer que vous êtes correctement enregistré sur le site de la Fédération.Ce chiffre provisoire peut changer.


WHS Handicap Index è ora disponibile per te su "My FPG" sul sito web della Federazione Portoghese. ‘My FPG’

Le carte EDS sono necessarie per farlo attraverso il loro "My FpG" individuale, quindi assicurati di essere correttamente registrato sul sito della Federazione.

EDS Cards

I) Extra Day Scores - 4 scores per month are permitted for handicap categories 2 to 5, regarding EDS rounds played outside the scope of competitions, under handicap conditions and complying with the specified requirements (pre registration with reception and submit completed cards through "My FPG" ). Handicap category 6 has no limit of EDS.

II) Handicap Calculations - For simplification and standardisation purposes, the same adjustment (0.1) applies to handicap categories 1 to 5, regarding Stableford scores below buffer zone. (Clause 3.12.6)

Procedure for New Handicaps - Summary

  1.  The player must be a registered member of Tavira Golf
  2. Tavira Golf and Federation membership fees paid and up to date
  3. A minimum of four qualifying cards must be submitted from rounds played on Federation registered courses
  4. The rounds played must be advised in advance (registered at the course as an Extra Day Score – EDS ) either through Reception at Benamor or via the Reception of the course to be played.
  5. The tees played must be included as should the slope rating of the course for EDS cards.
  6. The score should be recorded as gross strokes. It will be re-calculated as Stableford points when submitted to the Federation by Tavira Golf.
  7. The card must be signed and dated by both the player and the marker who must be a registered member of the Portuguese Federation
  8. The card should be submitted to Tavira Golf as soon as conveniently possible.



1. Buggy users please observe the rules when using a buggy

General Reminder to all GCdT Buggy users "The course is in excellent condition and some damage that had been caused by buggies has now recovered. Please refrain from taking and parking buggies onto the teeing ground and ensure that all buggies are parked on the paths around the tees and the greens Thank you.

2. Course condition

The greens are now recovering thanks to the hard work of the greenkeeping staff to aid other golfers it will be appreciated if pitch marks can be repaired and divots on the course be replaced. Thank you

4. A reminder to ALL members regarding competition NO Shows.

After a competition draw has been published and you find you are unable to play there is a dedicated mobile number for players to TEXT/SMS and withdraw from the competition (+351) 920 218 231.

The committee requests that players who cannot play send a standard text message/SMS with the following information:“Your Name, Tee Time and Withdrawn”.

A “No Show” leads to an automatic disqualification from the next two individual competitions.

5. Grupo Portinsurance company who sponsored some prizes last year look forward to continuing this arrangement in 2020. All they ask is that GCdT members who require any form of insurance please give them the opportunity to quote and they will offer discounts to members. Further details will be put on the noticeboard and webpage etc.



Golfe Clube de Tavira (GCT) members and PT Golf 3 months/1 year members – Up to 1 month in advance

Tour Operators – Up to 1 year in advance

PT Golf temporary visitors – 5 days in advance

PT Golf Competitions – 2/3 months in advance

Golfe Clube de Tavira (GCT) competitions – In June/July for the next year (N.B. Subject to change when Benamor Classic Dates are tbc)

High Season is February/March and again in October/November, so tee times are taken up quickly.

Please report to Reception and confirm your tee times prior to commencing your game. Any cancellations should also be given as much notice as possible.

Members should also be aware that “Pay and Play” visitors can book any unallocated tee times online. So, book early to avoid disappointment.

Grupo Portinsurance

The company who sponsored some prizes last year look forward to continuing this arrangement in 2020. All they ask is that GCdT members who require any form of insurance please give them the opportunity to quote and they will offer special discounts to GCdT members. Further details will be put on the noticeboard and webpage etc.

Civil Liability Insurance

Golfe Clube de Tavira members who are members of the Portuguese Federation are covered through a Fidelidade Policy. See noticeboard for policy details.


Dates for the 2020 Diary

26th /27th September - Ladies Club Championship

3rd/4th October – Men’s Club Championship

11th October – October Medal

17th October – Autumn Cup

Please see the noticeboard for further information regarding Late Starters and Roll Ups.


Club Matches

Ladies Matches 2020



This year the Interleague has been cancelled due to the pandemic.

Winter league 2019/20

Nothing to report.


Enjoy the Golf and Keep Safe and observe the rules,

June Scott

Madam Captain 2020/21